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Profecii's Plus Si Affinite
(F) Nov 2 1999, 7787-1291170 v0901, Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
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GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-0989219 v0896 / SCFF 15 269 Jul 21 1994
GIC Tulgey Charlie Brown
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-0865454 v1195 / SCFF 14-484 Mar 18 1993
GIC, GIP Three Gemini's Kato (aka Gemini's Gato)
Black-White Exotic
7770-0743454 v0993 / SCFF 9405 Sep 1 1991
GIP, EC Phalaenopsis Emile Victor
GC, NW Capodicapi Fruit Loops of Gemini KOY
GC, NW Jovan Cheers of Kuorii (of Three Gemini) KOY
Brown Tabby-White Exotic
7793-0704057 v0293 Mar 13 1991
GC, NW Jovan Buster Brown DM
Jenita Fudge Ripple of Jovan
FIFe CH Flanelle Del Adene
Blue-Cream Exotic
GIC Senmartel's Blue Wizard
Blue Persian
HK# 0803
CH El Lute of The Funny Quarters
Gwendero's Miss Kizzy
CH Mitsou (of Del Adene)
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-0571784 v0689 Mar 4 1989
Mary Lou Biceps
Cerissa Alibie
Indiana du Chaolon des Orchidées de Miramar
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
0031-1096282 / 8DBL295-304 May 24 1995
CH Touch of Class Fatal Charm
Brown Tabby Exotic
ARAF L902587
Anouchka Woolphy of Beaubourg
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7740M-0489054 May 26 1988
GC Jovan Damian of Anouchka
Jovan Sarah of Anouchka
Touch of Class Dark Star
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
ARAF L881 423
EC Cream-Dream's Red Ted
Cream-Dream's Black Bluff
Beauchadou Red Sonja
Red Tabby Persian
Chavilla Prince O Nord
O.E. White Persian
0104-0595509 Aug 6 1989
Chavilla Harpo of L'Eclipse
Chavilla Confetti of Beauchadou
Beauchadou Lady Crimson
Red Tabby Persian
0141-0600680 Oct 5 1989
Chavilla Boris of Beauchadou
Modesty Tina of Beauchadou
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