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GC Preciousice Maestro
(M) Sep 26 2014, 0102-2049272, C.E. White Persian
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GC Preciousice Gentle Touch
C.E. White Persian
0102-1715442 /SRK LO 84022 Mar 23 2010
CH Iwanda's Gentle of Squarrosa(Gentle v.Squarro
C.E. White Persian
0102-1417175 v0104/(NL)FE.LO2.PER.023.2 Apr 24 2002
GIC, WW'98 Matador of Iwanda
C.E. White Persian
102-1210371v109/DEKZV 245363/FE.I.97.PE.061.2 Jun 7 1997
GIC Marhei Oberon of Iwanda
CH Rugbug Dee Dee of Iwanda(Nan-Cha-Pur)
Steeplechase Heidi of Iwanda
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
0141M-1147585 v1098 Jan 6 1997
Tehy Show N' Tell of Steeplechase
Ben-Mar Darling Daisy-Of-Shadowrun
Fizgeralt Kiss 4 Precious JW
Blue Patched Tabby Persian
1153-1625033/ (FIN)SRK LO 78212 Nov 24 2007
CH, GP, GIC D'Eden Lover Hearts On Fire
Cream Mackerel Tabby Persian
0154M-1493573 v0108/(FIN)SRK LO 90120 Apr 19 2004
GC D'Eden Lover Zorro of Kuorii
GC D'Eden Lover High Class Call Girl
IC, FIN* Precious 1000 Kisses JW
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1143-1625029 v0108/(FIN)SRK LO 73906 Dec 31 2005
EC, SW'99 (N) Du Monet Touche' of Rerun
GIC, S* Snowdrop's Hanne Boel DM (FIFe)
GC, RW Jovan Dazzle of Preciousice
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1793525 Aug 5 2013
GC, NW Settimocielo Shadow of Jovan
Black Persian
0108-1737892 v0913 Sep 8 2011
GC Boberan's Hot Stuff
Red Persian
0110-1594227 v0810 /ANFI.2011/121 Aug 21 2006
GC Scrimshaw Danger of Boberan
GC Boberan's Angelia of Meeukka DM
DW Settimocielo Pamela
Black Persian
0109-1680864 v1210 Aug 11 2009
GC, DW, GIC Black Jack de Vivendi of Settimocielo JW
I* Borgo Ala Love Attraction
CH Jovan Stars & Bars
Silver Patched Tabby Persian
1137-1756427 May 4 2012
Ark Star Wish Upon A Star of Jovan
Blue Silver Tabby Persian
1334-1644697 May 10 2008
GC Ghattas Mr. Brazil of Ark Star (PaJean)
CH Ark Star Estee Lauder
CH Jovan Tiger In The Woods DM
Brown Patched Tabby Persian
1145-1683905 Sep 23 2009
GC Haendel's Blue Baloo of Jovan
CH Nestlenook's Sunset Afterglow of Jovan DM
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