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My-Champagne Sweet Amber
(F) Jul 3 2011, 7745-1734203 v1112, Brown Tabby Exotic
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My-Champagne To The Sun
Brown Tabby-White Exotic LH
7798-1676703 v1110 Feb 18 2009
Nunza Billy The Kid of My-Champagne
Red Tabby-White Exotic
7940-1582786 v0908 May 13 2006
CH Calivan's Costello of Nunza
Brown Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
7944-1510153 v0606 Aug 8 2004
CH Granddelight Trump Card of Chancery DM
CH Calivan's Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill DM
CH Artemis Aurora Borealis of Nunza (of Calivan)
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1335595 v1201 Sep 5 2000
Artemis Dreamer
Artemis Dottie
My-Champagne Uppity
Blue-Cream Exotic LH
0031-1654213 v0509/(FIN)SRK RX 77527 Jul 14 2007
CH, GIC Henrietan Brandy
Red Tabby Exotic
7740S-1514097 v0509/(FIN)SRK RX 90150 Oct 25 2004
Henrietan November Rain
Henrietan Lolita
FIN* Champagne's Dina
Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
FIN SRK RX 68855 Jan 20 2003
IC Siriuksen Idefix
CH, FIN* Champagne's Keisha
CH Henrietan Tyra Banks
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
7787-1555820 v1207/(FIN)SRK LRX 73668 Nov 13 2005
Atzelhof's Martini Rosso of Saranda
Red Persian
0110-1504712 v0206/ FIN SRK LO 90160 Jul 4 2004
Yellicle Cocaine of Flatliners
O.E. White Persian
0104-1443300 v1103 Mar 29 2002
Yellicle Dust In The Wind
Poeme Bolero of Yellicle
CH Atzelhof's Lovely Little Lydia
Red Tabby Persian
0141-1254549 v1000/DE 33907 Apr 22 1999
CH Ronlyn Bill Clinton of Atzelhof
CH, IC Atzelhof's Confetti-In-Blue
FIN* Saranda's Lily Lawless JW
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7745S-1524697 v0206/FIN SRK RX 70831 Apr 5 2004
Henrietan November Rain
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
7944-1427144 v0204/FIN SRK RX 68689 Nov 24 2002
FIFe CH Wishstar Ambassador of Henrietan
IP, GIC Ormeryds Yvette
Henrietan Falce Di Luna
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1401747 v0505/SRK LO 68212 May 11 2002
Myramin Waldo
Kenfthis Daphne J.J (aka Daphne J.J. of Kenft
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