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CH My-Champagne Checkmate
(M) Apr 26 2013, 7744S-1784684, Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
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GC D'Mediterran Bandido of JustOneWish
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-1694050 v0811 Apr 24 2010
Rampante Shinosuke of D'Mediterran
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-1653093v0809/ASFE GA LO 021221206G/42136 Aug 24 2006
Del Hechizo Aquiles of Rampante
Black-White Persian
1108-1506832/ASFE LO 209411065G(?020941108G) Jul 21 2004
CH, DW Latin Lover Free Spirit of Kuorii
CH Bad Morrong Guanita Cupita
CH Joleigh's Awren of Rampante
Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
0145M-1455813 v0704/LO 020921106G Dec 5 2002
GC, RW Joleigh's Little Man-Of-Thee Hour DM
GC Joleigh's Daisy Mae
D'Mediterran Pink Fish DM
Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7753M-1653091 v0809/(ES) ASFE LO 37761 Aug 31 2004
IC Mambo del Mediterraneo *ES
Blue-White Exotic
(ES)ASFE LO 35204
No Comment Teddy Ruxpin of Galintia(of Mayna)
Cookie United Colours of Cats(aka United C..)
Murphy House Toscana del Mediterraneo
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
7787-1365257 Apr 29 2001
CH Nook Nite Watch of Murphy House
Profecii's Plus Si Affinite
Nunza Coco Puff of My-Champagne
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7745S-1643211 v1009 Jun 24 2008
CH Calivan's Costello of Nunza
Brown Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
7944-1510153 v0606 Aug 8 2004
CH Granddelight Trump Card of Chancery DM
Black-White Persian
1108-1192456 v1298 Nov 4 1997
GC Furfrenz Chaucer of Granddelight(Fancee That)
CH Hugsalot Zelda of Sunlora (Granddelight)
CH Calivan's Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill DM
Blue Tabby Exotic
7753-1364390 v0902 Jun 9 2001
GC Calivan's Cab Calloway of Lindemere (Alibamu)
CH Granddelight Tuff Stuff of Calivan
Nunza Summer Romance
Blue Patched Tabby Exotic
7789-1427557 Nov 20 2002
GC Becton's O 2 Cool (of Nunza)
Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7752M-1074377 v0997 May 27 1996
GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
GC Becton's Desert Daze DM
Cattrax Summer Breeze of Nunza
Cream Persian
0115-1275323, V0301 Feb 24 1999
Wynmar Odie of Marhei (of Cattrax)
CH Prettifluf Starlight of Cattrax (Brookgreen)
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