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IC Mambo del Mediterraneo *ES
(M) , (ES)ASFE LO 35204, Blue-White Exotic
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No Comment Teddy Ruxpin of Galintia(of Mayna)
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7740-1092231 v1297/ASFEP-0597-080696-SBV Jun 8 1996
CH, GIC No Comment Louis Vuitton
Black Exotic
7706-0666546 v696/SVERAK LO 140615/ANCFF Feb 23 1995
Becton's Mister Megalo of No Comment(So Prett
Black Exotic
7708-0876274 v0994 Jul 15 1993
GC, RW Prideomine Summer Joey of Becton DM
CH Becton's Midnight Fantasy
Bryn Mawr Zaza Gabor of No Comment
Brown Tabby Exotic LH
7745-0939763 v0595 Nov 2 1993
GC, NW South Paw Gadzooks DM
GC, RW Bryn Mawr Murphy Brown of Benzac DM
Yquem Sparkle Eyes of No Comment
Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7789M-0970797 v1095 Aug 30 1994
GC, NW Jovan The Legend of Yquem COY
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-0595529 v1291 Sep 5 1989
GC, NW Jovan Buster Brown DM
GC, PR, NW Jovan Chocolate Chip of Sanova
Yquem Soyeuse of Petrera
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic LH
7799M-0803131 v0994 Sep 7 1992
GC Lucca's Primo of Yquem
CH Jovan Miss Pennsylvania of Yquem
Cookie United Colours of Cats(aka United C..)
Black-White Persian
(PT)CPF LO 7168 Jun 2 2000
Harwood Giorgio
Blue-White Harlequin Persian
1106-1269270/ PT (CPF) 06141 LOP Oct 15 1998
GC Harwood Renoir
Cream-White Harlequin Persian
1114-1102610 v0997 May 14 1996
GC Harwood Frankly Speaking
Harwood Sonoma of Zerandodream
Harwood Tanguerey
Calico Harlequin Persian
0149-1146811 v1298 Mar 10 1997
CH Harwood I Love You Man
Harwood Trivia of Candirand
CH Mafalda United Colours of Cats
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby-White Persian
CFA / FIFe (PT) CPF LO 4808
CH, IC Hankypankys Dusty
Blue-White Persian
1106-1053471 / PT (CPF) 04755 LOP Nov 27 1995
GC Bolo's Pearl Jam of Hankypankys (of Fagervoll
LeBordo Giscours of Hankypankys
CH, FIFe CH Kyaleen Cherry Blossom
Red Spotted Tabby-White Persian
1111-1187290/(P)CPF LO 04753 Oct 20 1996
CH Candirand's Cool Sensations
Kyaleen Fancy Pants
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