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Del Hechizo Aquiles of Rampante
(M) Jul 21 2004, 1108-1506832/ASFE LO 209411065G(?020941108G), Black-White Persian
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CH, DW Latin Lover Free Spirit of Kuorii
Cream Persian
0114-1426572 v0904 Oct 12 2002
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
Blue Mackerel Tabby Persian
0152M-1412356 v1102 Apr 5 2001
Steeplechase Jiorgio
Black Persian
0108-0999717 v1196 Aug 16 1993
CH Jonala Love Potion No. 9
CH Rugbug Midnight Magic
D'Eden Lover Ericka of Kuorii
Blue Patched Tabby-White Persian
1189-1226854 v1000 Oct 14 1998
Kuorii Kenzo of D'Eden Lover
Beauetchere's Power-Of-Love
D'Eden Lover Cocaine of Latin Lover( Kuorii)
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-1367133 v0103 Aug 26 2001
Kuorii Sweet Escape of D'Eden Lover
Red-White Persian
1110-1311542 v0701 Feb 15 2000
GC Candirand's Love On The Rocks
Granddelight Deep In Vougue
Bocasana's Yvette of D'Eden Lover
Blue-White Persian
1107-1194996 v0900/(SE)SVERAK LO 150285 Mar 1 1998
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
CH Bad Morrong Guanita Cupita
Black-White Van Persian
1109-1492894 v1104/(ES) ASFE LO 33439 Oct 21 2001
GP DW, IC Bad Morrong Es Cupi Cup
Black-White Persian
1108-1454449 v0704 /E (ASFE) 29461 LO Oct 23 1999
Harwood Billy Two Hats
Black-White Harlequin Persian
1108-1231756 /(E)ASFE LO 28833 Mar 11 1998
GC Harwood Rootin Tootin Cowboy
Harwood Trousseau of Coventgarden
Vascaia di Marilu'
Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
(IT)LOI 51987
Thomowook di Antares
Tequila di Marilu'
IP, GIC Bad Morrong Enanita Molona
Dilute Calico Harlequin Persian
ASFE 29331 LO Sep 3 1999
GIC Velasquez di Marilu'
Blue-White Harlequin Persian
(IT) LOI 51501 / LO 18793
CH Gentlehart's Mesaba of Zanbar
ACA TGC Rimmel di Marilu'
Bad Morrong Barracuda
Red-White Persian
E (ASFE) 20910 LO
IC Booker T. del Carabas
IC Indira Tropi Cat-E
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