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CH Anjelikatz Blue Heaven
(M) Nov 22 2010, 3276-1722560/(FI)SRK LO 90842, Blue Point Persian
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Co-Bridge Dark Bear of Anjelikatz
Seal Point Persian
3272-1708151 v1210 Apr 16 2008
CH Co-Bridge Quiggly
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-1414060 v0604 May 16 2002
CH Co-Bridge Wilson of Yazikats
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-1293294 v0501 Oct 27 1999
CH Catley Crue's Boxcar Willie
Co-Bridge Macey's Blossom
Co-Bridge Kiss Me Kate of Raggamops
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1329938 v0902 Sep 22 2000
CH Catley Crue's Xs & Os of Varajuan
CH Co-Bridge Torrie's Just A Kiss Away
CH Co-Bridge Virginia of Velk
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1500696 v1106 Mar 7 2004
CH Catley Crue's A Kiss 4 Luck
Seal Point Persian
3272-1374435 v0703 Apr 17 2001
Catley Crue's Kiss N Tell
GC Oakheaven's Kisses of Catley Crue
Co-Bridge Evasive Manuvers
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1317171 v1001 Mar 11 2000
CH Co-Bridge Sealed With A Kiss
Vera's Torrie-Of-Red Man
Sunval High Lights of Anjelikatz
Blue Point Persian
3277-1638154 v0510 Mar 6 2008
GC Sunval High Tops
Blue Point Persian
3276-1516483 v0806 May 18 2004
GC Sunval High Note
Seal Point Persian
3272-1360329 v0803 May 14 2001
GC Sunval Buddy Wiser (1992)
CH Sunval Figurine
Sunval Kaluha
Blue-Cream Point Persian
3289-1383595 v0604 Jun 14 2001
GC Sunval Cognac
CH Rajobet's Kusha of Sunval
CH Sunval Fascination
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1522110 v0806 Aug 21 2004
CH Sunval Happy Note
Flame Point Persian
3278-1473127 v0405 Apr 15 2003
GC Sunval High Note
CH Sunval Lace'n Fortune
CH Tallin Animation of Sunval
Blue-Cream Point Persian
3289-1409562 v0404 Mar 12 2002
CH Alomi's Ali Baba of Tallin
CH Tallin's Baby Bop
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