Pedigree of:
Purrbridge Butterfly Kisses of ChaCha
(F) , Brown Patched Tabby Persian
SACC SuprCH Purrbridge Biscotti
23 Feb 2015 SACR 21502071 St Nr 8145
Cream Spotted Tabby-White Persian
SA TSC Purrbridge ChaCha Le Mans, WQ, RQ
04 Dec 2010 SACR 21012232 St Nr 7861
Cream-White Persian
SA TGC Summerstar's Singing The Blues of ChaCha, RQ
03 Sep 2008 CFSA M22503 St Nr S6716
Blue-White Van Persian
Couronne Casanova of Davikatz (Barmont)
08 Jul 2002 1306-1418907 v0604
Blue-White Van Persian
CH Couronne Forget Me Not
01 Aug 1999 1110-1264315 v0902/GCCF CS 567035
Red-White Persian
CH Barmont's Belle of Couronne
18 Jul 1999 1107-1276670 v0801
Blue-White Persian
Rhamjoge Secret Love of Summerstar
03 Jul 2006 0149-1589204 v1007
Calico Harlequin Persian
GC, RW Sho-Dazzler Invincible of Rhamjoge
29 Jul 2003 1108-1460284 v0105
Black-White Persian
GC, RW Rhamjoge Unforgettable, DM
24 Mar 2004 1115-1491337 v0705
Cream-White Persian
CFSA SCH Flamboyant Fired-Up Farrah of ChaCha
30 Mar 2005 CFSA M15284 St Nr D5997 / SACR 20503158
Red-White Persian
GC, SA DGC Cattabury Armanti of Belle Fleur(Maraul,Duetc
21 Jun 1996 1114-1098014 v1097/CFSA M14399 St Nr S5322
Cream-White Persian
GC, RW Luvlypurr Bullwinkle of Cattabury (of Czes)
25 Nov 1994 1156-0975155 v0296
Blue Tabby-White Persian
CH Catillak's Color Me Happy-O-Cattabury
25 Apr 1994 1185-0943903 v1195
Dilute Calico Van Persian
GC Mousekateers Fiona May (Flamboyant Mousekatee
08 Jul 2000 CFSA M04810 St Nr D5445
Red-White Harlequin Persian
CH Nanc-C Billi The Kid of Mousekateers
27 Jun 1998 1120-1223673 v0400
Red Tabby-White Van Persian
Mousekateers Peggy Sue
19 Jun 1998 0149-1208936
Calico Persian
CFSA CH Achlin-Ve' Fancy Face of Purrbridge
29 Dec 2009 SACR 20912230/ CFSA M24146 St Nr D7045
Cream Spotted Tabby-White Persian
GC, TSC Catillak's Chandler of Carmandale(Achlin-Ve'), NQ
16 Dec 2006 1114-1611908/CFSA M20435 St Nr S6321
Cream-White Harlequin Persian
GC, NW Catillak's Repete Performance, KOY
04 May 2004 1140-1496749 v0206
Red Tabby-White Persian
GC, RW Catillak's Sooner Or Later, DM
08 May 1995 1106-1028498 v1197
Blue-White Persian
Catillak's Brenna
02 Jun 2002 0149-1496748 v0904
Calico Persian
GC, RW Catillak's That Girl of Jubileum, DM
02 Jun 2003 0119-1480023 v0706
Dilute Calico Persian
GC Primadowdy's M.V.P. of Jubileum, DM
18 Apr 1997 1114-1139910 v0998
Cream Tabby-White Persian
Candirand's Sapphire Dreams
03 Sep 2001 1307-1373973 v0803
Blue-White Van Persian
TSC Achlin-Ve' By Divine Design, NQ
07 Feb 2008 CFSA M21071 St Nr D6609
Brown Patched Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
SA DGC Jubileum's Walkin On High Cotton of Achlin-Ve, NQ
02 Nov 2006 1142-1600118/CFSA M19282 St Nr S6146
Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
GC Kewlkatz Silver Legacy of Jubileum
06 Oct 2005 1338-1555636 v0207
Blue Silver Tabby-White Van Persian
GC Jubileum's Windchime of Catillak
19 Jun 2004 1157-1504204
Blue Tabby-White Persian
SA TGC Flamboyant Set Me Free of Achlin-Ve'
30 Aug 2005 CFSA M15956 St Nr D5916
Red Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
GC, SA DGC Cattabury Armanti of Belle Fleur(Maraul,Duetc
21 Jun 1996 1114-1098014 v1097/CFSA M14399 St Nr S5322
Cream-White Persian
DGC Flamboyant Nianell L'Meur
09 Jun 2004 CFSA M13483 St Nr D5248
Brown Patched Tabby-White Persian
SACC CH Purrbridge Miracle2Magic
18 Sep 2014 SACR 21409031
Black Exotic
SACC TrSuprCH Cracker BoJangles of Purrbridge
11 Dec 2012 SACR 21212137
Black Exotic
GC Ormeryds Buddy Boy of Cracker(Mysticats), NQ
21 Sep 2010 SACR 21009302
Red Tabby Exotic
UK CH, FIFe CH Ormeryds Austin
29 Feb 2000 7740M-1323254v1103/GCCF CS490648/SVERAK205208
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GIC Vannjty's Only For Your Eyes
02 Sep 1996 0108-1109764 v0898/(S)SVERAK LO 204686
Black Persian
Ormeryds Juliette DiRoberti
01 Jun 1998 7789S-1256812 / SVERAK LO 151967
Blue Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
A Heaven Sent Shut Up And Kiss Me(N'Joy Shut..)
19 Jun 2008 7799-1693725/SVERAK LO 253754/ÖVEK-LO-0817298
Red Tabby Persian
EC Lucas of Kenfthis (Kenfthis Lucas), JW
20 Jul 2005 0110-1693384/A-ÖVEK-LO-0515261/LOI 81386
Red Persian
IP, A Heaven Sent More Than A Feeling, JW
13 May 2006 A-ÖVEK-LO-0615859/SVERAK LO 61659
Red Tabby-White Exotic LH
SA CH Cracker Feeling Blue
25 Dec 2010 SACR 21012148
Blue Exotic
GC, So.Afr.GC Pensfordhill Careless Whispurrs of Cracker, NQ DM
15 Aug 2005 7702-1547133/SACC 20508154
C.E. White (Black) Exotic
GC, GP, NW Panei's Whispurr Sweet Nothings
07 Sep 2003 7702-1475066 v1103
C.E. White Persian
CH Calivan's Camille of Pensfordhill, DM
13 Jul 2002 7709-1412384 v1203
Black Exotic
SA GC Ormeryds Gabriella Solis of Cracker
16 Mar 2008 SACC 20804121
Blue-Cream Exotic
UK CH, FIFe CH Ormeryds Austin
29 Feb 2000 7740M-1323254v1103/GCCF CS490648/SVERAK205208
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
Ormeryds Orsetta, JW
01 May 2006 7799-1609793 v0907/(S)SVERAK LO 224402
Blue Exotic LH
Purrbridge Midnight Skye
11 Dec 2010 SACR 21012228
Black Smoke-White Persian
Balouchi Paco Rabanne of Purrbridge
13 Nov 2008 SACR 20809324 / CFSA M21697 St Nr S6596
Black-White Persian
SA GC Grabe's Zane of Balouchi
01 Sep 2006 SACC 20609049 / CFSA M18813
Black-White Harlequin Persian
CH, IC Bocasana's Twist And Shout of Commodore
18 Sep 1997 1308-1175061/SVERAK LO 147618/SACC19709007
Black-White Van Persian
Nizat's Gucci Girl
23 Sep 2003 SACC 20309261
Black-White Van Persian
Ark Star Cinnabar of Balouchi
19 Aug 2006 1145-1602879/CFSA M19691 St Nr D6274
Brown Patched Tabby Persian
CH Ark Star Golden Rain of Eruptions
06 Nov 2004 0136-1522209 v0606
Silver Tabby Persian
Ark Star Danka
02 May 2005 1159-1532590 v0606
Silver Patched Tabby-White Persian
CFSA DCH, DGC Balouchi Buttons N' Bows of Purrbridge
13 Nov 2008 SACR 20811286 / CFSA M22169 St Nr D6781
Silver Patched Tabby-White Persian
CH, DGC Belle Fleur Sterling of Helshar (Balouchi)
12 Feb 2000 0136M-1321710/ CFSA M08384 St Nr S2040
Silver Mackerel Tabby Persian
GC, GIC Gladstone Fleetwood Mac of Farallon(Duetcatz)
28 Dec 1992 0144M-0827487 v0495/CCA PE25F1-2746
Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
Belle Fleur Elizabeth of Duetcatz
27 Aug 1998 0103-1214767 v1000
C.E. White (Silver Tabby) Persian
SA CH Diehl's Tutti Frutti of Balouchi
04 Jul 2006 7799-1594040 / CFSA M18700
Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic LH
Diehl's Rocket Man
02 Jun 2003 1140-1456084 v0704
Red Tabby-White Persian
CH Diehl's Wishful Thinking
20 Apr 2004 7737M-1504529 v0905
Silver Mackerel Tabby Exotic